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November 2009 Entries

This past weekend traveled 1,377 mi (2,216 km) from Seattle to LA on a Coast Starlight Amtrak train. What an experience! Doing what you ask? Writing Green/Eco-friendly Mobile Applications on Windows Phone platform for Windows Phone. The even is called Windows Mobile Train Race, sponsored by Microsoft and AT&T Developer program. Kevin Wolf and I teamed up right away to write a Share-A-Ride application, and we feature completed v1.0 on the train! Kevin did the lion’s share of the work providing ......

I’m very excited to see some progress and buzz at Tampa Code Camp since we announced. We are still accepting speaker submissions and we are working having more sessions now. Continue spreading the word in person, online and even in general public too! We can still use your help to reach out to your fellow geeks and let them know about Windows Phone Camp, you never know who is not admitting to be a fan. Don’t believe the hype? At the very least come out and learn about what’s new for yourself. We ......