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October 2009 Entries

It’s official - Windows Phone Camp is happening in Tampa, FL on December 5th 2009 !!! The event will be similar to a CodeCamp, not BarCamp style event. There will be a schedule with tracks, topics and speakers. Also with enough interest – even OpenSpace/Collaboration area and a Consumer track were attendees can learn and see changes in Windows Phone 6.5 that improve the phone experience. Being the first Windows Phone/Mobile focused event in the area we need your help: 1. Please RSVP so we can place ......

Saturday November 7th, 2009, I will be presenting at Tampa Code Camp 2009. This Code Camp is second behind infamous South Florida Code Camp in number of attendees…close to 500 planning to attend. So be sure to register to get your spot and in-person must be present to win raffle prize opportunity: Hope to see you there. Be sure to ask to see my Windows Phone. Here are the abstracts on the sessions I will be presenting: Windows Phone Widgets Intro on how to build Windows ......