WindowsMobile 6.5 Videos and Info from PocketNow

I getting really excited for Windows Mobile 6.5!

At first I was skeptical and upset about no WM7, but after further investigation I found that 6.5 is a great improvement on the OS with lots of new features that will make daily use of your WM device a pleasure!

Here is a great collection of firsthand videos.  

Here is a direct link to their YouTube in HD  channel:

There are some comparisons between 6.1 vs 6.5 and iPhone vs 6.5 and even the new skins are sexy.

Really useful demos, if you are on the edge and considering next phone a non-WM.


PS: As some of you know, I will be blogging and speaking, and talking mostly on WinMobile related topics from now on.

PSS: I just bought a house and have been busy with that lately. Sorry blogosphere. [in Brandon, FL]

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