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Thank you to all that came out to see my Tampa Code Camp presentation.

SMS Backup 1 – using message interceptor to capture incoming SMS messages and save to SQL Compact DB.

Will be posted on:

For now get the VS 2005 Version here

A “How to” from MSDN on use of MessageInterceptor used in the demo:


To simulate SMS Messages and much more, use the Cell Emulator Setup Instructions: 


Which is available in the Windows Mobile 6 SDK, available here:


I also referred that because of no built in support to enumerate though the SMSMessage collection, there is a lower level access beyond the scope of this presentation. Here is the .NET wrapper for those calls, quite nice! [You will need C++ installed to look at the code, same project include a built .DLL though]

Alternate Open Source Library .NET MAPI is available here:

posted on Sunday, December 7, 2008 9:15 PM