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January 2008 Entries

South Florida Code Camp to be held on 2/2/2008 at DeVry University in Miramar. The event site is: http://codecamp08.fladotnet... I will be attending this event this time, as most of my sessions are just not ready yet. There is quite a bit of the content that will be presented on various topics. All known talks have been posted on the code camp agenda at: http://codecamp08.fladotnet... I strongly urge you to come out if you have a chance. The Registration Link is: ......

Re-Post of my Comment from a Ch8 Video Post: What's an MVP and how to become one? Karen Young tells you all about it! This is a great presentation. The video goes in great depth on what MVP is about and the kinds of people are involved and what you should know as a Student or Enthusiast. I did want to quickly destroy some myths, because honestly, even I a few years ago though those were true. [read my signature at the end for irony] I did not just want to shortly summarize the video, please do still ......

Right in the middle between holiday season and my birthday is CES. A joyous occasion for me. Every year I hold off on my major electronics purchases until I see all the news from here. Every year I get sour about my current gear. So be warned. Especially when you see things that are "5-10 years out" as usually presented in the keynote. I love to get disappointed with my current digital state and impatient waiting for all the new stuff to ship. I know. Sad. I love watching the keynote and following ......