Still Alive + Tech Updates

Noticed that I have not blogged for a while. Sorry.

I have a few demanding projects at work and a full time course load at the University. All great things, except they do not leave me too much time to write my own web content. Before that I had/still having complications with my wisdom teeth removal.

I would normally see things though out the day online, bookmark or email myself, and never end up posting them. I'll work on that in the future.

I have been planning a few presentations, I will not have them ready for BarCamp Orlando unfortunately though - which is happening on Sunday the 23rd in Orlando. I am still planning on going.

There has been so much happening since I blogged, I'll just scrape the surface even listing.

Most notably Silverlight v1.0 shipped - check out ScottGu on Channel 9

There has been a few good videos on Channel 8 - - a new student Video/Media community - it's got students for students feel to it, public cannot post content, but comments are very much encouraged. This expands on Ch9 offering and is a great addition to videos you already watch on Ch9 every week.

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