Visual Web Developer Express 2008 Beta 2

If you are not running this you are writing code too slow. My weapon of choice, since I am a web developer is quick and easy [don't mistake it for weak] - VWD Express 2008!

You can download VWD 2008 here. [Download page for all 2008 express and full products .]

For your daily quick editing of your sites and some quickie master page building - VWD 2008 is the way to go!

I have used this non stop since I downloaded it. I love every minute I spend coding with it.

I actually used Beta 1 for a day, yes 1 day - before Beta 2 came out. 

[Sorry been busy to blog and try new tools and was scared of the VS2005 Beta experience (leaving a dead machine behind each rev.) when in fact I uninstalled Beta 1 and installed Beta 2 whit no problems]




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