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June 2007 Entries

Tampa .NET CodeCamp III opened for registration and speakers sign up. Register here- We are actively seeking more speakers. You can get an early peek at the great things going on this year though sessions already submitted. So far we have nominations for Programming Web 101/201/301, Using SMS (Short Message Service), imagine the possibilities!, Working with an XML Data Structure in SQL 2005 and Strongly , Typed Objects, Real world WPF ......

I had a pleasure of looking into the new ASP.NET AJAX site and getting my new computer set up for some AJAX fun. And boy has it been a while since I have gotten the new tool sets. The control sets look great. The control list grew! Everything links in, there are tool bars - I'm glad to be back in the AJAX land. I recommend watching the intro videos posted on the ASP.NET AJAX site [if you have not worked whit AJAX in a bit] So if it's been a while, ......