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This site is funny and a totally new take on Developer Interactive Advertising - I'm listening.

Check it out:

If you are not impressed by finally not seeing a boring MSDN page, then I dunno what to tell you...

Joe Healy, Microsoft & & Nikita Polyakov, USF presents: “Vista & Office 2007” Windows Vista & Office 2007 feature presentation and extensive Q&A. This a student oriented presentation of using Vista and Office 2007 together to make your everyday life easier and have a much smoother experience doing things that previously were not so fun or intuitive to do. This event will be held in BSN 115 from 4 to 6PM RSVP needed for the raffle: Click Here [ ......

Just came back from the MVP Global Summit 2007 that was in Seattle/Redmond, WA, which was this past week March 12th-15th. It was one of the biggest most influential events I have ever attended. I saw Bill Gates in probably one of his last public appearances. [Update: For a transcript of his speech go here- I also got a chance to hear directly from Soma, the main guy lading the Developer Division at Microsoft. 99.9% of ......

Licensing the 2007 Microsoft Office User Interface Basically anyone* building any* application can utilize the 2007 UI style [Of course you can't write the next Word Open Source project, but you can write any application, as long as it follows the 120+ page Design document (they are even gonna tell you how to make a good design out of your app for once too ;) so good stuff there. ) ]. I don't see why not use the new 2007 UI, heck WinForms guys have been trying to mimic the Office 2003 style since ......