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As I was doing some Contact Us forms, I realize that another good way to notify people is though, other then unreliable email, is SMS. Some people use SMS, some people do not and will not - it's up to you and the client/relative/friend to talk about :) Ok ok so here is a short list, for now, of email address endings for you: T-Mobile: Virgin Mobile: Cingular: Sprint: phonenumber@messaging.sprin... Verizon: ......

I don't know how many people know this or want to know this, but there is a slight problem. [Depending how you look at it, it's not a problem and it's a useless post] Chris Rue wrote this quick guide on how to prime WM device before they go into battle and get all lost and stuff. Read the full article/blog/post here: What Chris said and I agree with - "without priming, there is no way to reasonably assure that a ......

I was featured in the Community Credit Newsletter #27 (2/16/2007) I am honered to be there with some of the most amazing people in our industry. I hope to see many of you at the MVP Summit 2007. Contact me if you are going this year, let's team up on some taxi rides. Here is a direct quote from the newsletter: Community LeadersWe are proud to highlight some of the folks that are making notable contributions to the development community. We will start off this first newsletter with a mention of a ......