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This is not full text and this is not my text , the text is from Plip's blog located here - Placing your trust in youth "There are no good programmers under the age of thirty - they've just not experienced enough of life as a programmer." ...more in the full blog... Ageism "I've been a developer for over twenty years" ...more in the full blog... Experience "You are wet behind the ears!" ...more in the full blog... Can't ......

This is a great project, that I would love to be a part of one day, as an MVP ;) “The By The Community, For the Community samples series will create ASP.NET samples that are in high demand. These samples will not be created by Microsoft but instead by a select group of ASP.NET community member MVPs. You can see their bios below. On a regular basis we will publish a list of potential samples and allow the community to vote on which sample they are most interested in seeing developed. After the ......

Released just over a month ago: SQL Server Web Tools is a Web-based Administration tool to manage SQL Server databases. With SSWT, you can administer accounts, manage databases and tables, write and run queries and Stored Procedures, and much more. ......

This is interesting -

FC64 is a low level Commodore C64 emulator for Flash Player 9, written in AS3.

FC64 is licensed under the GPL.

that is all ;)

I've been doing tons of research on a lot of different things for work, I will report to you more once I get back from Redmond - going to the Microsoft Student Partners Program kickoff event, 2 days of training, pretty exciting.

Things coming up:
Flikr API
VirtualEarth & GMaps Transparent .NET Component Research
IIS Folder Navigation tricks
Nested Dymamic MasterPages

Never Host Your Own Email - is what I tell all of my small business clients and then we always have issues with them wanting to host their website or intranet subdomain locally and yada-yada. Well here comes another great reason to never host your own email - Custom Domains from the Live team at Microsoft Just forward your MX record to Live servers[you'll get those after you register] I am so doing this for some of my clients - since I hate those cheap web mail solutions you get from most hosting ......

I'm researching some mapping solutions right now - and frankly they are all below what I really want out of a map!No standards, no common set's of features. No standard features like a click-able area and I honestly don't trust those API's to stay the way they are and will need sooo much maintenance. Cool: Virtual Earth Mobile - http://www.viavirtualearth.... Updated version 1.64 ] Lame: Google Maps Mobile ......