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Came back from my Anniversary & Discovery Cove trip to Orlando, FL few hours ago and found out that:1 is now live 2 I am almost late booking my Microsoft Student Partner event logistics 3 Have a new job at USF's FCCDR to start tomorrow morning, hence a short blog PS: people, do it ......

Thank you to everyone that attended and help run Tampa Code Camp this weekend. Thank you to all the volunteers and attendees that helped us run the event throughout the day. Special thanks to Keith Kabza, Jim Zimmerman, Joe Healy - with out you the event would have not been possible. Thank you to Dr. Stanley Birkin, Department Chairman of Information Systems and Decision Sciences for helping us to reserve such a large facility and provide out most assistance along the way. Great thanks to Russ Fustino ......

Tampa Code Camp Tomorrow! USF Campus in Tampa, FL Registration 7-8AM Event would run approximately till 6PM Event is followed by a networking [more speaker face time] event at a local restarant. REMINDER: Please pay for $3-6 parking at USF, daily parking permits are available at the main entrance to USF, refer to the Location section of our website. See you all there ......

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Do not miss this event, last I heard we had 50 seats left. No joke!