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Even though I don't have kids yet, and I'm not excatly married yet. I do worry about my kids' safety, I was a teenager not that long ago and oh boy the world has changed dear parents. So these guys are offering 5 free GPRS trialgualtions a month, no need for phone call, just flip your phone or login online and you will see a map of where you family member is. Good or bad, it's a debate - but when something happend I would wanna know where my kid is ......

Stay on top of the local dev. events here:

Busy month for me, cleaning/clearing my home office and project pipeline.

I recall a Channel 9 webcast on TOE as part of Windows Vista networking stack improvements, but guess DELL has gotten their hands on it now: “TOE A TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE), standard with every 9th Generation PowerEdge server, helps deliver greater network throughput and efficiency by offloading TCP/IP processing to a dedicated processor.” It is a free option if you pick to use the on-board Dual Broad-Com Gigabit adapters. Only works with Microsoft OS, of course ......

Here comes another Hardware Post: T-Mobile MDA Bluetooth Modem Setting I am currently in the MSFT Conference room, and like many of you know - MSFT does not provide open I was tinkering with my MDA and though things would be easy... After a quick [20mins] on hold with T-Mobile tech support - the phone number needed to be dialed from the modem is *99# and it's good to go. Step 1 - Pair the device with the laptop/computer, you will consume the DUN service from the MDA and a 'Standard Bluetooth ......

Update on the Tampa Code Camp! [! Stand by for public registration for now !] Saturday, July 15th @ USF Campus in Tampa,FL 8AM-5PM [times might vary slightly] Speakers Wanted!If you wanted to teach the world .NET you need to speak at code camp. Click Here to download the speaker application. Mail your request to speakers@tampacodecamp.comonce completed. Code Smith Tools On Board,Code Smith is now an offical sponser of the Tampa code camp. For more on Code Smith Code Gen tools click here Volunteers ......

Most Outstanding SA of the Year Congratulations to Nikita Polyakov!! Nikita went above and beyond the call of duty as a Student Ambassador this year. Working with his ADE Brandon McMillon, regional developer evangelists Joe Healy and Russ Fustino, and the DPE East Region manager Kim Matlock, Nikita extended his reach to not only the University of South Florida, but branched out into the Florida developer community as well as schools in central and southern Florida. Besides talks into the community ......

I know this is way off topic, but since last time I've seen this about a year or two ago, it was a little cheezy and choices were slim - look at it now!

I spend good 30 mins on their site customizing and saving my own shoes and workout clothes. Im special, I know.

#1: AOL

Yes! Someone agrees with me. I can't belive I had business owners just 4 years ago actually argue with me about need to switch from AOL?!??!?!?!



Per Joe Healy aka DevFish's comment: “I especially liked Nikita Polyakov's idea of fusing the BlackJack Game Starter kit with the Commerce Starter Kit (paypal) to create your own online casino. Leave it to Nikita!“ I was just thinking the only safe way to gamble[no comment, I don't gamble, just on this topic] or shop online it to have a prepaid VISA or any other Charge card alternative that has a paid amout that you can just recharge, that way you can't lose all your money if someone ......