Crosspost of "Google fears IE 7" [cough] turned into a Rant, enjoy

Read like first 5-10 posts to get as angry as me:

I don't think Microsoft will ever release a patch for virus code named - Stupid, atleast for a while...

I just added like everything possible I would ever need though this page:

Which is very clearly provided from IE 7 menu's - very 'basic user' friendly imho

Some ppl just always want to find ways to complain about this and that.

They should have an option when you first boot up your Windows XP SP3 or Vista - “Are you a habitual Microsoft back talker, that is afraid of globalization and think monopolies would take over the world?” that way it will take those users to a set of wizards to change their experience to ...ummm...stupid. And gladly change default search engines, media players and at an extreme option even helps them un-install Windows completely!

lazy opinionated morons who know nothing about computers to begin with

BTW I hate how when I install linux [joke] there is a f'ing browser installed already, WTH am I supposed to do with out it though - duh!

Just shoot me!

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