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Recently after deploying a highly available Exchange 2007 solution for a customer, I had to test recovery procedures and create a recovery document.  Since I was already documenting my steps, I figured I’d share them here as well.

NOTE: This environment consists of a CCR mailbox cluster and a MS NLB cluster with the Hub Transport and Client Access Roles at the production site.  The DR site has a server containing the mailbox role and an a server with the Hub Transport and Client Access Roles.


1. First we have to restore the Storage Group to the standby machine

Restore-storagegroupcopy –Identity “ServerName\StorageGroupName”
–StandbyMachine SCRServerName –force

The –Force behind this command is only needed if the production server can no longer be contacted. This will force a restore if the SCR server cannot copy the last log from the source server.


2. Now we have to check the status of our recovery database.  It should be in a dirty shutdown state.

eseutil /mh <path to database on SCR> | findstr state

This should give you the state of the database as well as the log prefix for the storage group


3. Now we need to get the database in a clean state so we can mount it

eseutil /R E00 /L <logfile path> /D <database path> /S <system file path>

E00 is the log prefix, yours may differ.  Also if you have data loss, you may have to use the /A switch for eseutil.

Repeat step 2 again to check the shutdown state of the database.


4. Move the path of your storage group and database to the restored storage group

Move-StorageGroupPath –Identity “SCRServer\Storage Group Path” –SystemFolderPath
<system folder path> –LogFilePath <Log File Path> –ConfigurationOnly
Move-DatabasePath –Identity “SCRServer\Storage Group\Database Name” –EdbFilePath
<edbfile path>  -ConfigurationOnly


5. Set the database to be overwritten in the EMC

6. Mount the Database in the EMC

7. Rehome all User mailboxes to point to the new database on the SCR Server

Get-Mailbox –Database “SCRServer\Storage Group\Database Name”  | Where
{$_.ObjectClass –NotMatch ‘(SystemAttendantMailboxExOleDbSystemMailbox)’} |
Move-Mailbox –TargetDatabase “SCRServer\StorageGroup\Database Name”
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