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Observation 1:  IT is still a VERY male dominated field.  There are probably 300 people here and definitely less than 10 women.  I won't speculate as to the social, cultural or genetic reasons for this but I continue to be surprised by this.  I know many women that are awesome developers and architects.

Observation 2: Presenters like Macbooks.  I'd say that 1/2 the presenters at this Microsoft event have been using Macbooks to do their presentations.  It's not because of OSX's superiority since they are obviously running Windows in some form.  John Lam had a reason at least since he was showing IronRuby running on mono on his Mac.

Observation 3: The largest value proposition of conferences and summits is the conversations with other attendees.  One thing that is often a challenge when justifying attendance at events is that the 'materials' can be shared/obtained after the event thereby making it virtually possible to be there.  Well, no.  The presentations are valuable, no doubt about it, but the conversations and dialogue with the presenters and other attendees is far more valuable.  You learn what others are doing, what challenges they are trying to overcome.  I am continually amazed both at how similar we are in some ways and how different we are in others.

Observation #4:  I really do need to find the time at some point to invest in some dynamic language learning time.  John Lam's IronRuby session was just so foreign to me that to me that I had a hart time appreciating what they have (or haven't) done.

OK, break time.  Gotta go find some coffee and someone to chat with :)

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Gotta find some time... This is almost a catch 22. I stated tagging email and saving notes in a training folder, with full intent on "learning something new." I realize now, I need a clone.
Left by KenH on Nov 09, 2007 1:54 PM

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