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For a scientifically unproven being to gather so much blog time (like here, here, here, here, and here) is truly impressive and amazing.  It's 1am and I've got many things going on tomorrow, but I can't resist throwing my 2 cents into the mix.  Thanks to Gerry for pointing this out to me first. 

There are so many intelligent people on both sides of this discussion.  I find it difficult to grasp how far apart ideologies seem to be by some of the posts.  It goes to show that diversity of belief systems is very challenging for even the smartest of us all.  I take my hat off to all who have made mention of the need to not let beliefs hurt our personal relationships or hinder us from continuing to build new ones while giving and getting more from our existing ones.

That said, I guess I'm missing the whole science negates God point.  I am a Christian. I was raised that way, which is tempting for naysayers to develop a case for that being my proclivity for such beliefs.  However, I fell away just about as hard as is possible for about 15 years of my life.  Then, due to my scientific interest and mindset, I started what I now consider one of the most important research projects of my life.  It was not sufficient for me to simply pretend to believe until I hopefully did.  I wanted to really believe – whichever way things turned out for me.  I launched an investigation into as many belief systems as possible.  I did a lot of reading and I asked a lot of people a lot of questions.  I found some good intentions and partial truths from many people, with many groups, from many perspectives.  It seems whether there is a God or not, truth favors the seekers of it, not those waiting around for wisdom to strike.  I won't get all holy on you and quote any scripture, but suffice it to say that a good deal of time is spent in the Bible on how to:

·         Get knowledge and wisdom

·         Treat one another

·         Live a life that contributes to others

·         Get the most out of life for yourself and loved ones

·         Feel inner peace, even in troubled times

·         Set goals and the value of perseverance to achieve them

Now, I make this point because most of the banter I've seen online is related to points of dispute.  I can't think of anyone that i care about who is not seeking these 6 things.  So, I ask you this: if reading a book *might* help you get those things, wouldn't it be worth the time?  You may not agree with the who, what, when, why, and where of the Bible, but I have never known anybody who disagrees with the principles mentioned above that are contained repeatedly within the Bible.

Another important point is that science and religion would both be synchronized on things if we knew enough.  The seeming dichotomy comes from our limitations and our human propensity to fill-in-the-blanks when we don't know something.  I believe in God and I believe those limitations are part of our planned growth process to be the best "us-s" we can be.  That's all God wants.  Is that not really all any of us want?

I wrote something on my personal web site several months ago that I would like to share here.  It discusses my philosophy about all this.  I wanted this post to be commentary on the conversation going on in the community, not so much to share my beliefs.  Visiting my personal site page will share my beliefs.

So whether you believe more in God or in science (or both inseparably as I do) - God Bless us all, until he decides it's our time to beam-up!


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