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Check out Dave Noderer’s blog post about the recent Atlanta Geek Dinner hosted by Robert Scoble at:

It was an awesome time.  The best part about it all was seeing all the energy happening in the .NET community.  It’s easy to sometimes become numb from your own energy and that of your local .NET community.  However, seeing an entirely new crowd (to me) share the same frenzied excitement and sense of anticipation for more great things to come was absolutely awesome.

I also wanted to thank Ken Grisnak of the 5 Seasons brewpub.  Dave talks about it more depth in his blog post, but he was an awesome guy to meet and he was a very gracious host for all of us geeks.  I highly recommend this place.  They have 3 basic rooms that really seem like totally separate restaurants.  One (where we spent most of the geek dinner time) was like a traditional brew pub bar.  However, they also have a magnificent formal dining area that is very large.  Then, to top it off, they have an outdoor beer garden type of place for casual dining and for trying all their custom made brews.  Very cool place and great people.


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