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First of all, a big thank you is due to Tom Andries for bringing this great software tool to my attention.  It appears that Tom and I share a passion for productivity and therefore the same tools for productivity.  We both use GTD, Franklin Covey PlanPlus, and probably some other common tools.

I’m a self-acknowledged productivity freak.  It’s not a disease, rather a way to get everything you want out of life.  PlanPlus provides a system for managing life by Dr. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and GTD provides an action-oriented way to process information as it comes into your life.  I’ve also recently discovered TaskLynx as I mentioned hereTaskLynx provides an automated method to integrate Microsoft Project with Microsoft Outlook.  So, what’s missing from the picture?  Well, Taskline!

Taskline provides a quick and nearly automated way of scheduling (on your Outlook Calendar) the tasks you have piling up in Outlook’s task function.  Think about how incredible this is.  In the past, it was imperative for people to manage tasks and calendar items separately, nevermind that tasks take time and MUST be scheduled in order to accomplish them.  Taskline steps into this void and successfully solves the problem.  Taskline schedules your Outlook tasks into available timeslots on your Outlook calendar.  Because it is dynamic and can be updated with a single button click, any tasks you have durations set for are scheduled into your calendar based on priority (configurable by other metrics as well.)  BTW, they rightly recommend you set durations for all of your tasks. 

I’ve now completely closed the loop on my planning systems (for the time being, at least!)  Now, everything is scheduled, time is allotted, and all projects will be executed on-time as long as I follow my own system.  This is a VERY cool breakthrough in terms of productivity.  For anyone using Microsoft Outlook to schedule your activities, I recommend all of these tools, but certainly go out and get PlanPlus, GTD, TaskLynx, and Taskline!  A free trial is available in case you are questioning the validity of my statements.  Use it and you will be a believer too!

Hey cool stuff – I just saw that CriticalPath, the makers of TaskLynx used my blog post as a quote on their site!  I stand by my statements and again, highly recommend you give them a try!


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I found this great post on productivity tools. Take a peek.
In today’s world of productivity tools,...
Left by Mike's Blog on Aug 14, 2005 7:56 PM

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this post is great
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cool, I need it.
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