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What a concept, eh?  Originally developed as a martial arts way of approaching life, the concept of “having a mind like water” has made its way into the personal development and business productivity lexicon.   David Allen, the author of “Getting Things Done (GTD)” and most recently “Ready for Anything” advocates this method of thinking most vociferously amongst the professional development and productivity gurus.

The notion is to organize your life and work in a manner that allows you to hold as few pressing thoughts in your conscious mind at any one time.  The idea goes forth and says that when you trust in a system of organization to the point where you no longer worry about missing important things, your mind is freed to focus on creative functions.

I’ve personally been using the GTD system, including the Outlook plug-in for about 2 years and I’ll have to say my mind is at least thinned down to the consistency of oil or some thick fluid.  I can’t say I’m at the “mind like water” stage yet, but I certainly feel the progress underway.  Used in conjunction with several other productivity methods and tools (most notably Stephen Covey’s principles and Outlook plug-in) GTD truly enables you to focus on actionable and important tasks in your life that lead to your true goals and ambitions.  If you haven’t listened to me already and started reading these books and using these tools, you’re only cheating yourself!


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