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 “A musician must make music, and artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be.”

-Abraham Harold Maslow

This was my “Thought of The Day” today in my FranklinCovey Plan Plus.  It had particular meaning for me today.  It was one of those things that on many days might not mean anything special, but it meant something special today.  I spent some time this evening reflecting on a number of things.  I do this at the beginning of each month in order to outline my monthly goals and set the course for my next month’s busy agenda.  I was struck with a sense of happiness.  It was the sense of it that is enduring, meaningful, and deeply personal.  I won’t share too much here, but did want to share one aspect of my thoughts from this evening.

I’ve been thinking a lot about community and how amazing all of the various intersecting communities I’m a part of help bring goodness.  They all focus on sharing passion.  They all focus on inclusion.  They all focus on learning and growing.  They all focus on enabling members to be the best version of them they can be. 

This includes the WI .NET Users Group.  Seeing what is happening in this community is the truest expression I’ve ever seen of a tight-knit group that is open arms to all who wish to join in on the fun.  There is some really amazing stuff going on with this group. I know the newly formed WI Microsoft Technology Community, the WI Windows Users Group and soon-to-be-formalized WI Office Users Group and WI MBS Users Group will be equally molded along these principles and will therefore be filled with similarly amazing people. 

Another great community I’m fortunate to be involved with is the International .NET Association (INETA).  It’s as though INETA is the WI .NET UG’s big brother.  INETA is filled with experts who are open to helping others grow and prosper.  The professionals in this organization understand that leadership is best delivered through example and a helping hand.

Community is something that takes great time to build, it takes nurturing leaders, curious followers, humble teachers, open minds, and lots and lots of passion.  You can’t just decide to have a community and have it work.  I guess that is one of the best things about it.  Because of the arduous building process, the rewards are deliciously enjoyed.  An analogy that comes to mind springs back from my childhood.  We had a large garden, filled with all kinds of vegetables.  Nothing was as enjoyable as a freshly picked, sun-warmed, fresh tomato.  However, if you took a shortcut and went to the store to buy it, it was just average tasting.  A community is a lot like that.  You can blast an e-mail to hundreds of people and build some semblance of a community.  However, if you want it to be perfect – as in more perfect than anyone could design it – it needs to grow in the right environment with the right elements. 

That’s what’s happening in the communities I’m fortunate enough to be involved in right now.  As the introductory quote alluded, I think “we must be a great community because we can be.”  It’s an imperative and intrinsic element of how we’re growing.  That is exciting stuff and that’s part of what I was thinking about today.


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