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Hey All,

Well, it appears that my boss was right that it isn’t a good thing to mix personal blogging with company business.  Why?  Hey, don’t preach to me, I know about all the benefits of corporate blogging and I agree with them.  I guess there are just some subjects that can kick your ass if you aren’t more disciplined than I am.  So, here’s one case in point…

My friend and colleague, Casey Chesnut recently posted this.  You know, for 99% of it, I have to agree with him.  However, he’s missing the 1% point that matters the most.  It’s nothing against him, many of us tend to fall into this camp from time to time and from age to age.  I’m thankful I’ve moved past this stage and I feel compelled to run a little test here.  The test?  I want to see how long it is before Casey sees my post and responds.  Of course, I tried to post on his blog, but my comments were limited to 333 words.  Interesting choice, all things considered.  Especially for any of you who remember Green Jelly as a band.  For those that don’t, no worries – just know it was relevant to this post.

So, Casey went on with some great points about the ridiculous nature of the pseudo-Christian society placing it’s own emphasis on textbooks – stating that evolution was only a theory.  Hey, mainstream, or at least intelligent Christians have moved beyond that level since the Scopes trials.  C’mon, give people a bit more credit than that!

So, I have to go forward and say that as ridiculous as censoring textbooks – or at least putting a religious preface in front of them – is FAR outside the scope of what I, as a Christian, believe is right.  There are simply so many different theories and so many ways to approach life – all of which are part of the overall plan.  And that’s really the point, when it comes down to it.  The Plan. 

We all fit into it – regardless of what you believe or evangelize, or even realize.  It’s the plan that put you here, that keeps you here, and that will take you from here when you leave.  I don’t profess to understand or know your plan.  I don’t.  I’m too busy trying to figure out my own.  Can it be learned from Christianity?  Maybe – for some people.  Buddhism?  Same thing – maybe for some.  Muslim?  Sure, for some.  [Insert whatever religion or scientific theory here]?  Sure, for some.  That’s the beauty of the plan!  Don’t you see it?  How cool is that, that whatever is whatever, and that’s cool.  I’m personally pretty cool with that whole concept.


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What does HuntingBlueJays mean?
Left by Bill on Jan 23, 2005 3:16 AM

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Hey, thanks for asking. I was wondering how long it would take for people to start asking. Especially because my blog is posted on Geeks with Blogs.

So, here it is...A "bluejay" to a sales guy is synonymous with the perfect deal that required little or no work. In essence, it's the deal that falls into your lap. It is one of the rarest things in a sales professionals life, but also one of the most beautiful things in the world. It's the oddity of my life and it is the most amazingly cool event in the rare event it occurs.

In essence, it is impossible to "hunt" a blue jay, since by definition, it comes as a surprise and unexpected thing. So, "Hunting BlueJays" symbolizes my continuous effort at realizing the impossible potential of superior success in all ways, both through my concientious efforts and the subliminal possibilities of the eternal nature of reality.

So, i do all i can to be fortunate, but I'm not cocky enough to curse the possibility of luck!

Left by Brian Tinkler on Jan 23, 2005 11:33 PM

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I can't believe somebody else actually knows about Green Jelly. Did you also know their original name was "Green Jello"? That is until the evil minions of The Cos threatened to sue them back to the stone age...

The car people have their version of the elusive BlueJay. Not quite as metaphoric mind you. They call them "Flops". As in, "This guy walks in, says 'how much for that one?' and then flops open his check book and writes out a check." A very rare event indeed.

Remember kids, Obey the Cow god!

Best regards,
Toucan, Son of Sam.
President of the
Electric Harley House of Love.

Left by David Totzke on Jan 25, 2005 9:42 AM

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