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There have been a couple of builds already for the new version 5.1 of DotNetNuke. On the DotNetNuke site, there is even a thread for users to discuss any problems they are having with the builds and they are encouraged to log their problems or suggestions on their Gemini site.

The current build is 364 and there's already changes from the previous build. For example, here's the new Admin Settings:


One change from the previous build is that Google Analytics is now located here. You could find this setting under Admin> Site Settings and this new feature makes it easier to locate. This is primarily used to set up your site with Google Analytics and you need to sign up with google and get verified to do this.

When signing up with Google Webmaster Tools you will need to Verify your site ownership. Choose the "Upload an HTML file" method from the Google Verification screen. Enter the filename displayed ( ie. google53c0cef435b2b81e.html ) in the Verification textbox and click Create. Return to Google and select the Verify button.

Missing from the Control Panel is the Install Additional Modules link. To do this you will need to go to Host>Extensions and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and then click on Batch Install Extensions and then select the Available Modules that you want to install.

In version 5 of DotNetNuke, only the Host can install modules and skins. Once available to the site, the Admin can add new modules or skins to their site.

Taken off the Control Panel was the aligning of modules on the Pane. What was added was a drop down list of the modules that you have on a pane.  On the right of the Control Panel is a link to Host or Admin Console. Here's what it looks like:


These are the same settings that you get in the drop down list and you can see them all on a single page if you want.

One thing for sure is that DotNetNuke will require the current Microsoft .NET framework to be installed on your site. You'll get a warning under Host >Settings if your not current.


I'm looking forward to the final build. Hope you are too!


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