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Will Strohl is interested in talking to you if you are. Here's the logistics for the day:

The Day of DotNetNuke is not unlike a standard code camp. There are several speakers committed to present
topics in 5 tracks. Many speakers are accomplished authors, and highly regarded DNN community members. In
the 5 tracks, each will have 6 sessions. Each session will run roughly 60 minutes, with breaks between sessions
to allow for speaker/attendee interaction and speaker set‐up. The event begins at 8:00 AM, and the last session
ends at 5:00 PM, with a sponsored raffle to follow.

There are different contribution levels that you can choose.

Your company will be listed on the site and will have many perks during the event.

Example Sponsor Banner Size(s)

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Here are the goals for the event:

• To provide a first class training and learning experience for all attendees. Even though it will be free, we
hope to make this event just as good, or better than a paid event would be.
• To provide a great networking experience for attendees, vendors, speakers, employers, employees, and
other community members.
• To build the local DNN community.
• To build a relationship between the sponsors and local community members. Sponsors are the only way
that events like this can be made a reality. Giving sponsors a way to directly connect with people and
companies that fit their advertising demographics is a very lucrative opportunity.

This event will be huge. An after party in Tampa, FL is already being planned. Hope to see you there!

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