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Christmas day was when I had a chance to review the final release of DotNetNuke 5 which was announced Christmas Eve. I quickly reviewed what I wrote about in my chapters for the new DotNetNuke 5 book and realized I had to add more and delete some information as well. I quickly shot off an email to the Wrox editor and begin to update my chapters.


The first was What's New
Under Admin/What's New,  you'll find a  new setting  which gives you a summary of the major features for this DotNetNuke release.  You can view Major Highlights, Security Fixes, Updated Modules/Providers, along with a link to the official change log.

Changes had to be made in the Host, Skins as well because the earlier releases had a link called Upload Legacy Skin which was taken out of the final release of the product so it needed to get deleted from the chapter.



This was new to the final release and real slick too!

DotNetNuke Release 4.91 and 5.0 has a new feature under Host,Dashboard. See Figure 5-59 Information about your setup is given in several different categories. Under Web Server, there is information about your server setup. Database Server provides Server Information along with Database Backup History and Database Files. Host gives full detail of Host Settings. Portals gives information about the Name of the Site, GUID, Pages, Roles and Users. Modules will list the module name, version, and used instances. Finally, under Skins are the installed skins. All of this information can be exported as an XML file.

I was glad I was able to add these into the chapters. Needless to say, it was a challenge trying to keep up with the changes that happened with the final release of the product. I'm glad it's over!

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