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Today was extremely busy and exhausting as well. The routine here is to wake up early, grab a boxed breakfast and coffee in the huge ballroom at the hotel and then run off to where the buses are parked to take you to the Redmond Microsoft campus.

I scheduled meetings with some Microsoft personnel today along with poking my head into some of the sessions that were going on at the Conference Center. I continued to evangelize computer science education and spoke with interested people about the concerns that I have as a high school teacher. I left with positive feelings and hope that more effort is made to create curriculum for middle school and high school students to use in the class.

I attended sessions on ASP.NET MVC and tried to learn more about this framework for building web applications. My first observation was how young the product managers are getting at Microsoft. (Some of my students look older!) The speakers at Microsoft are very passionate about their area and do an outstanding job of explaining the concepts to everyone.  Because of my meetings, I could only attend some of the session on ASP.NET: ASP.NET Movers and Shakers Panel. Scott Guthrie is a superb speaker and is the guru of ASP.NET. Many ASP.NET MVP's wanted their picture taken with Scott at the Product Dinner last night and Scott was very patient with everyone who chatted with him.

Toward the end of the day, I had a fantastic meeting with Rob Miles. Rob is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hull. He recently wrote a book entitled Microsoft® XNA Game Studio 2.0: Learn Programming Now! Rob shared some of the chapters on his book on his site and I was able to use some of them with my current XNA Programming Students.

Rob and I talked about teaching programming to students and we had a lot in common. I learned a great deal from our meeting.

So tonight is my last night in Seattle. I need to travel back home to work on Friday. I've missed my students and I think some may have missed me. This is my third summit because I missed one a couple of years ago. Each year, Microsoft mixes things up and in my opinion this was the best one yet.

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