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Back in February I blogged about me going to the Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development which was held in Orlando and on the Disney Wonder Ship which took us to the Bahamas.


Several of the speakers have put up their slides from their presentation on the Academic Resource Center site.  You can search for other information on the site as well. It is categorized like this:

Special Collaboration Areas

Compilers, Languages, Runtimes


Embedded Systems

Sensor Networks

Gaming and Graphics

Software Engineering


Technology in Learning


Trustworthy Computing

Operating Systems

Updates from Microsoft Research


The Academic Resource Center is part of the Faculty Connection which includes curricula and computer science news. There is also a pre-collegiate site where you can access resources developed for middle school and high school technology, computer science and math teachers.  This site will probably replace the ever popular site that many of us have used for years. Let's hope the content stays fresh and that computer science teachers can get answers to their questions.


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