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Intel Corporation has agreed to donate their cpu chip to the One Laptop per Child Program. The program has been around for four decades and has tried to get corporations to donate to their cause. Intel has been criticized in the past for not getting involved with this venture. There are now 11 companies involved with the project including Red Hat and Google.

The mission of this non-profit association is to develop a low-cost laptop—the "$100 Laptop"—a technology that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children. Our goal is to provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment, and express themselves.

The one-laptop-per-child computer (OLPC) will come with some general purpose software: web browser; word processing; basic tools for personal expression; etc. There also will be high-quality educational examples of OLPC use. A more complete list is found here.

OLPC is working with Red Hat on a Linux kernel for the machine, but we are opening up the design; it is inevitable that there will be several variants of Linux to choose from, as well as some version of Windows, and perhaps an OS X offering.

Many children will benefit from this venture and more of them can use technology to help them learn. Here is what one teacher had to say about the program.

"Pupils go even beyond what I can teach in the class. It's a very interesting thing to use. I personally have a better idea about teaching... We discovered that giving them time to discover something and to do it in their own way, they feel more happy and they are so excited in using it that, 'Yes, I discovered it! Yes, I can get it!! Yes, I can do this on my own!!!' Teaching is getting more interesting and less stressful." — Mr. O., Galadima School, Abuja, Nigeria


Kudos to Intel and all involved with the program. You can donate a gift on their site if you want.







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