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(O)rlando Elec(tron)ic (I)nteractive Entertainment (Con)vention will be at the Orlando Science Center for ten days. OTRONICON brings together the entertaining world of consumer video games with a behind-the-scenes view of the art, technology and science that form the foundation and the future of both the videogame and simulation industries. Families and individuals of all ages will have a tremendous range of places and opportunities to explore.

There will be old school games and new ones displayed as well. Hands-On Play * More than 100 gaming stations in multiple formats, including:

 o Playstation 3 and PS2

o Wii o Game Cube o XBox and XBox 360

o New this year! Bring your own handheld unit to connect and play with others. * The hottest games, including:

o Dance Dance Revolution o Guitar Hero II

 o HALO 2

o Madden-07

 o Project Gotham Racing 3

o Resistance: Fall of Man

 o Gears of War o MotoGP ‘06

o Trauma Center: Second Opinion o Many other Next-Gen titles and hot games.  DimensionM (Level 4 in Dr. Dare’s Lab) Explore the new world of 3-D, first person, educational video games. Compete for prizes in multi-player tournaments for individuals/teams. Bring a team and your pre-algebra and algebra knowledge.

 o Single-player

o Multi-player for individual and teams of 4 players s * Videotopia Examine the art, science and history of our first interactive media. Twice as many arcade games as last year.

o Donkey Kong

o Pac Man o Ms. Pac Man

 o Tron

o Space Invaders

o Frogger

 o Dragon's Lair

o Gauntlet

 o Many other classic favorites * Simulation Universe Experience how video game technology is being used to create better pilots, drivers, soldiers, doctors and more through hands-on experiences with cutting edge simulators that before now have rarely been available to the public. o Military o Racing o Medical o Aviation * Family-Friendly Gaming and Pint-Size Fun o V-Smile Art Studio o Dancing game o Piano teaching station o Dedicated handheld gaming area - bring yours from home to connect and play with others * ARTronica Digital Art Gallery Check out our exhibition of digitally created art, music and animation.

 There will be a series of workshops put up by instructors from the Full Sail School located in Winter Park, FL. * 3D Computer Generated Modeling for Games * Game Digital Audio Creation * Digital Storytelling * Girls n' Games - game development for young women (PC based). -Session 1 & 2 -Session 3 & 4 * Game Development - creating the functionality and feel of the game (PC based). -Sessions 1 & 2 -Sessions 3 & 4 * 3D Animation for Games * Game Design - designing the playability of the game (PC based). * Asset Creation - creation of digital visual and audio assets (MAC and PC based). * Middle and High School Sessions - field trip opportunities. * Top Gun 4 Kids - a fun and motivational program connecting the popularity of video games with opportunities in the world of medicine. Presented by Dr. James "Butch" Rosser, Jr., MD, FACS

Teachers get into this event for free and just have to pay for the workshops if you want to go. Students can volunteer to help and get in for free.

 Hope to see you there! So what's your favorite old school game?

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