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The 2nd semester of the school year starts next week after a two week hiatus to rest, relax, and be with family. Most of my classes are semester long classes so I get a chance to meet new students when I go back to school next week. My AP students will be the same and there's always pressure with that class to meet the goals of the AP curriculum and prepare them for the AP exam in early May. They have much more to learn in OOP like inheritance, polymorphism, and they need to learn about recursion and sorting and searching algorithms. Much of a challenge for them to learn and for me to teach.

It will be a busy semester because of the activities that are presently planned for the months ahead. This month I'll be taking my students to the Microsoft Launch Event which will be held at the Rosen Hotel in Orlando, FL. I'm looking forward to taking them. That same night will be the 4th Annual Tech night held at my school.  Tom Carbone from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy will be the main speaker and he'll be talking about how math and science are used to create video games. Joe Healy from Microsoft will be talking about Vista and features of Vista for students. I met Joe when I spoke at some Florida Code Camps and he's a great resource and always helpful.

Alfred Thompson who works for Microsoft helping Computer Science Teachers really helped me out by giving me an invitation to Microsoft Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science Education February 22 - 25, 2007 Aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship. I teach game programming with my Honors Programming II students but I have not taught them XNA and I want to learn more so this event will help.

Finally, I was honored once again to receive the Microsoft MVP award for this year. I will be going to the MVP Summit in March to listen to Bill Gates who will be the keynote speaker. It will give me a chance to network with other MVP's around the world and to learn more about Microsoft future products which I won't be able to talk about because of my NDA agreement with them.


Posted on Saturday, January 6, 2007 7:16 AM Teaching with ASP.NET , Teaching AP CS , XNA Programming | Back to top

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