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So here I am in Maui at a beautiful ocean front condo celebrating my 30th anniversary with my bride and I was thinking about last year when I was fortunate enough to be at TECH ED in Orlando, FL.  My first reaction is wow this year went by fast because we've been planning this trip for a year and we're already here in Maui.

This year as you all know TECH ED is in Boston  which is where I went to school at Suffolk University which is located behind the state house.  Being an MVP allows me to get access to many of the new technologies that Microsoft has to offer but being at TECH ED is really special and I'm sure those of you that are there are learning a lot and having a great time at the many excellent restaurants and eating some clam “chowda”.

When I have the time after this trip I'll be looking at some of the tech ed bloggers but right now I need to shut off this laptop and go in for a dip in the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


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