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The Orlando Science Center is sponsoring  a10-day event that will celebrate the science, art, careers, culture and fun of videogames and simulation through games, competitions, workshops, seminars, displays and much more. There will be opportunities for families, adults, kids and teens. The event is called Otronicon and for $14.95 which is considerably cheaper than I local theme parks, you can do any of the following:
  • Play on more than 100 gaming stations, including Playstation 2, Game Cube and XBox. 
  • Enjoy classic arcade games in Videotopia with PacMan, Donkey Kong and more
  • Bust a move on Dance Dance Revolution, plus play console and PC games and try out the innovative 16-person game pod.
  • Check out first-hand cutting edge training, flight, driving and medical simulators that before now have rarely been available to the public.
  • Compete in daily video game tournaments
  • Starwars Battlefront II Competition
  • Presenting sponsor Full Sail Real World Education is offering workshops that will explore the science and technology behind game design. Modest registration fee required.
  • Expert speakers from Full Sail, Bright House Networks and elsewhere speaking on topics likeparental concerns, violence in games, career opportunities
  • Explore digital art and music in the ARTronica Gallery
  • Chances to win cash, gear and prizes.

Here are some of the exhibits they will have:

    • Videotopia!: Arcade Videogame Retrospective
    • Otronicon Marathon LAN Party - Come see what a PC LAN Party is alla bout duirng all 10 days! Free trial access to LAN Party from Gigabits LAN Center, KiNETiX Gaming Internet, and the Gaming Den. Or, register and BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) to play for a day, a week, or join our 48-hour continuous LAN Party! Also includes a Hot Box Competition!
    • Astronaut:  Moon, Mars and Beyond - Game-Based Simulation - Virtual Heroes
    • Motion Capture Demonstration - Control a character with your movements! - DAVE School
    • Emergency Medicine Mobile Simulation Lab - Emergency Medicine Learning and Resource Center (EMLRC)
    • Game-based First Responder Medical Simulation - Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS)
    • FlatWorld 3-D Mixed Reality Demonstration - US Army Research and Development Command (RDECOM) Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC) US Army Research and Development Command
    • NDX-3 Three-Screen Automobile Driving Simulator - Raydon Corporation
    • On-Line Interactive Virtual Environment (OLIVE) - Forterra Systems  
    • Mini-Dome Immersive Simulator Powered by Alienware
    • Man-Wearable Embedded Training System for Dismounted Infantry
    • (DAGGERS/Expedition DI) - Quantum 3D and U.S. Army RDECOM
    • SH-60 Helicopter Simulator - US Navy NAVAIR Training Systems Division  (NAVAIR TSD)
    • Immersive Jukebox - UCF Institute for Simulation & Training, Media Convergence Lab
    • Media Production Tools of the Future - UCF Institute for Simulation & Training, Media Convergence Lab
    • Family of Tactical Decision-Making Simulations (TDSs) - US Marine Corps (USMC) Program Manager, Training Systems (USMC PM TRASYS) Science & Technology Program
    • Training & Simulation Systems Development Process - From Idea to Fielded System - US Army Program Executive Office - Simulation, Training & Instrumentation (PEO-STRI)
    • Reconfigurable Helicopter Trainer -- The Lockheed Martin Reconfigurable Helicopter Trainer is configurable as either an AH-64D Apache gunship or as an UH-60 Blackhawk utility helicopter.  The United States Army uses multiple trainers in their Fort Rucker Battle Lab in different configurations supporting development and experimentation of new weapon system capabilities and to develop and experiment with battlefield tactics based on these new capabilities. For Otronicon, the Reconfigurable Helicopter Trainer will be setup in the AH-64D pilot crew station configuration for visitors to experience operations and weapons employment against hostile forces in Tikrit, Iraq.
    • NxTrain F-16 The Next Generation Training and Rehearsal Solution (Nxtrain) -- F-16 is a single-seat aircraft cockpit with single channel visual display simulating the United States Air Force F-16, made by Lockheed Martin.  The NxTrain system is a PC-based enterprise training environment, developed by Lockheed Martin and SIMIGon, capable of managing and delivering training content to a customer's entire training system or schoolhouse including simulators, facilities, learning media, students, instructors, and logistics.  Additionally, the NxTrain system is capable of providing simulation-based training on commercially available PCs for any weapon system, vehicle, or any other applications imagined.  For Otronicon, the NxTrain F-16 will allow visitors to fly through Tikrit, Iraq, in a virtual flyover of the area, or engage hostile forces if desired.
    • NxTrain Gamedeck -- The Next Generation Training and Rehearsal Solution (Nxtrain) Gamedeck is a single-seat vehicle station identical in function to the NxTrain F-16.  The cockpit is a commercially available seat meant for delivering quality training on reduced budgets.  For Otronicon, the Gamedeck will be configured differently each day of the show to allow visitor the opportunity to experience flight in fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

Members of our Tech club will get together next Saturday and have some fun! 

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