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@skimedic(Phil Japikse), tweeting from the Cincinnati Day of Agile this morning, mentioned MOSCOW.

I was unfamiliar with that mnemonic, so I had to look it up on Wikipedia.

It's a requirement prioritization technique, and the letters stand for:

  • M - MUST have this.
  • S - SHOULD have this if at all possible.
  • C - COULD have this if it does not affect anything else.
  • W - WON'T have this time but WOULD like in the future

Speaking of Phil, I'm looking forward to seeing him at the St. Louis Day of .NET next week.

Phil, I don't know if you're a big Reds fan, but if so, this is not a good time to make a lot of noise about that in St. Louis. (And please don't wear spikes. We don't want anybody to get hurt ;)

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