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It's been a while since "sniglets" were popular, but here are my ten candidates for terms that should be in the software development lexicon:

the time elapsed between the pressing of the Enter key and the realization that you've just done something catastrophic (e.g. "delete * from customers")

beforon - (be-FORE-on):
The moron who worked on the software project before you. e.g. "What beforon wrote this 32767 line method?"

swinefluent interface:
a hamhanded attempt at a fluent interface.Where(the.API.Is(ridiculously.contrived(to => Simulate.Natural(language))));

Kardashian code-behind:
when a form or view's "code-behind" has way too much "junk in the trunk"

Build-a-scare workshop:
doing a build with all FxCop rules enabled

when your beautifully refactored architecture gets all frakked up again

the operation of porting code from a language that uses semicolons (e.g. C#) to one that doesn't (e.g. VB)

olfactory method:
a method with a bad "code smell"

a developer who just won't shut up about how great F# is

Dummkopf substitution principle:
pointy-haired manager's belief that they can save money by substituting any low-paid dummkopf for a skilled senior developer

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