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Congratulations to Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on the upcoming 350th episode of .NET Rocks!

 I can't tell you how many hours of education & enjoyment DNR has provided me over the years.

 ...Well, actually, I can...

 I discovered the show around episode 10 or so, quickly caught up with the previous shows, and haven't missed one since.

 I added up the show runtimes, and the total is approximately 423 hours, or almost 18 days!

 A lot of people listen to DNR on their commute, and there's enough DNR that you could listen to it the entire time on a 27,000 mile road trip from Vancouver BC to New London CT and back by way of San Diego, Miami, New York City, Bangor, Yakima, Reno, Vegas, and St. Louis.

(Here's the map, if anyone would like to make that trip - Good luck paying for the gas:


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