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I'm old enough to remember the Cardinals winning the World Series in '82, but I don't remember where or with whom I watched it.

I don't think I'll ever forget where I was they won the '06 Series, though.

I was flying back to St. Louis from the Heartland Developer's Conference in Omaha, and was very disappointed that I wouldn't be able to watch what could be the championship-clinching game.

About half an hour before landing at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport (blast American for moving their hub out out of St. Louis so you can't get a direct flight to/from Omaha), I was able to pick up the Dallas ESPN Radio station on my radio and hear the game starting with the bottom of the first inning.

At the airport, there was a mini TGI Friday's bar/restaurant with TVs showing the game, and a group over 30 Cardinals fans gathered outside to watch.

We boarded the plane to St. Louis just as the top of the ninth started, and the flight attendant let us know when there there was one and then two outs. At the exact moment that the plane pulled away from the gate, he announced that the Cardinals were World Series champions, and the passengers let loose with a big cheer.

Cardinal fans got a little spoiled the past two seasons with 105 and 100 win seasons, and at the beginning of this season, the chances of the Cardinals winning the championship in the first year in their new ballpark looked pretty good.

The chances sure didn't look good as they limped to the end of a frustrating regular season, though. It seems like there's always some Cinderella team that catches fire in the post-season and, for once, that team was St. Louis. (It looked like the Tigers might be this year's Cinderella team, but their magical carriage turned back into a pumpkin as Halloween approached.) I've got no ill will against the Tigers or Jim Leyland - they should be a really good team the next few years, but I do enjoy the seeing "experts" like that sphincter Bob Nightengale of USA Today who picked "the Tigers in 3" and said "The Detroit Tigers' biggest obstacle to a championship will be keeping a straight face" eat crow.

Congratulations to Tony LaRussa for becoming only the second manager in history to win a World Series in both league, to the Cardinals, and to their fans who aren't old enough to remember '82 - I hope we don't have to wait another 24 years for another day as sweet as this. 

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