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The St. Louis event on February 2, 2006 was ably presented by Jacob Cynamon.

Session 1: Building Mobile Applications with Visual Studio 2005

The video that was shown to start off this session was a waste of time - A Benetton ad group of hipper-than-thou soul-patches zipping around a conference room on Segways, allegedly whipping together a mobile app in three days, while communicating with their customer as she purposefully strode around town ignoring incoming traffic while clicking on her smart phone. If any of these poseurs could write "Hello, World", I'll eat my Developer Resource DVD. If they hadn't shown this video, there may have been time for questions at the end.

That, and the fact that we couldn't cash in our soda and popcorn tickets until half-time, were the only things I didn't like.

It was good to see that if you know how to developWinForms applications, you pretty much know how to develop mobile applications. I didn't realize that mobile applications use plain old Windows Forms controls for the most part.

I wish I had a mobile device to play around with - my old Cassiopeia finally kicked the bucket last year. I was hoping to win the Pocket PC door prize, but that was not to be. (Yes, I could practice with the emulator, but that's just not as much fun.)

Session 2: Creating Office Solutions with Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office

I haven't paid much attention to VSTO up until now, because the first time I read about it, it looked like it was just automating the process of adding references to the Office Interop DLLs, so I didn't see the point - either I misunderstood, or it's been greatly improved since the 2003 version. I still support several Excel "applications", and VSTO looks like it could be useful, particulary for one that calls a web service. I especially like the idea of putting controls in the task pane and keeping them off the worksheet or Word document. The Outlook add-in abilities look interesting also.

Session 3: Introduction to the Windows Presentation Framework

I'd seen a few Avalon demos, but they were all shiny spinning stuff like the North Face demo that didn't seem to be very applicable for business apps. It was nice to see a simpler demo of a style of application that I could imagine my customers actually using.

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