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Value that makes a great difference


Its about IBM, In 1914 Thomas Watson Sr. the founder of Modern IBM, has set its values:

1)     Respect for the individual.

2)     The best customer service.

3)     The pursuit of excellence.


It went for long run with these values, then IBM recognized that it’s image is decreasing with fast ever growing trend with Internet evolution, Information Exchange and with every corner competition, In Feb 2003 then CEO , Samuel J. Palmisano, raised the value of re-inventing the company’s value as a way to manage and reintegrate.


He took four concepts, three from Watson’s basic beliefs:

a)     Respect

b)     Customer

c)     Excellence

d)     Innovation

There were three proposed values using their internal assessment and IBM specialized tool valuesJam in July 2003.

a)     Commitment to the customer.

b)     Excellence through innovation.

c)     Integrity that earns trust.


There were several comments when it got out for all employee comments released from hands of 300 core senior executives, special committee which formed a team worked hard differentiating and organizing the thousands of comments.


Palmisano’s came with IBM’s value considering committee outcome in Nov 2003:


a)     Dedication to every client’s success.

b)     Innovation that matters – for our company and for the world.

c)     Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.


And finally as an action item Palmisano has put a special committee to see the current gap between these values and IBM culture.


Let us see how IBM makes changes with its new values.



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