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I was on a search for secure server features, I found very interesting on Microsoft ISA Server.


Latest version “ISA Server 2004”  Provides “Application layer firewall, VPN and web cache”.

ISA --> Internet Security and Acceleration Server 


1)      Secure, Fast and Manageable Internet connectivity.

2)      Multilayer enterprise firewall

3)      High level web cache.

4)      Server alters on malicious attack with firewall guard.

5)      Publish multiple secure websites using single IP on external interfaces of firewall. (Wildcard Certificate).

6)      Deals with Access control and bandwidth issues.

7)      Web proxy controlling.

8)      You can publish Outlook web access website thru ISA Server.

9)      Solve your authentication problem with ISA Server.

10)    You have more with Active Directory as a network  directory.

11)   Handle your FTP connection with ISA.

12)   Splitting of DNS, do it in ISA.




Proxy Server 1.0  (NT Enterprise 4.0 ) : Integrates with Windows NT, Supports limited few basic functionalities. 


Proxy Server 2.0: This is windows NT account database, Simplified user management, Caching Services, Packet Filtering.


ISA Server: Array (Domain Array, Independent Array), Rule, Array Policy, Enterprise policy.


ISA Components:

a)  Firewall

b)  Policy based Administration.

c)   Virtual Private Network (VPN).

d)   Dynamic IP filtering.

e)   IDS (Intrusion Detection System), MS purchased this from Internet Security Systems,

      this will check WinNuke, Ping of Death, Land, UDP bombs, POP Buffer Overflow, Scan Attack etc.

f)    Web Cache.

g)   Reports.

h)   GateKeeper H.323: This will manage H.323-based VoIP applications eg: NetMeeting.



Points to remember:


#         You can install ISA Server a Domain Controller, Although its generally a bad idea from a security standpoint to install ISA Server on a DC, some times it becomes requirement for small companies in terms of investments.


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