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Find these cool BizTalk Server Installation

1)     Windows 2000 Server / Advanced / Professional

2)     Service pack 1 is mandatory

3)     Must add Windows 2000 user account to the Administrators group before you install any software.

4)     Message Queuing Service is mandatory.

5)     Internet Information Service (IIS) is mandatory.

6)     NTFS partition is recommended.

7)     To avoid problems accessing and saving specifications to the BizTalk Server 2000 repository, you must turn off the Enable Authoring option in Internet Information Services (IIS). (Default website Properties à Server Extensions)

8)     SQL Server 2000 is mandatory before installing the BizTalkServer, BizTalk server will install 4 databases Message Management, Shared Queue, Tracking and Orchestration.

9)     SQL Server 2000 installation should be done in Mixed Mode Authentication by default it will be in Windows 2000 only authentication mode.

10) If you are installing SQL Server and BizTalk Server on different machines then SQL Server Client tools are required on BizTalk Server machine and Network library should be TCP/IP instead of named pipes, which is default using Client Network Utility.

11) BizTalk Orchestration Designer requires Microsoft Visio 2000 Service Release 1A or later.

12) BizTalk for only for development requires Standard user account.

13) BizTalk for production purpose requires Service Account, Which is regular user account with specific account.

(If you do not create Service Account, BizTalk Server will configure interactive user – the user who is currently login and BizTalk Server fails it that current user if logged off).

14) To Avoid unnecessary disk space allocation you can use Truncate log on Check point and Auto shrink (This is for SQL Server 2000 edition) (Enterprise Manager àDatabase Nameà Properties àOptions à Settings).

15) Default database names:

a.      BizTalk Messaging Management database à InterchangeBTM

b.      Tracking database à InterchangeDTA

c.      Shared Queue à InterchangeSQ.

16) While installing BizTalk 2000 Server, it allows you to specify property values from the command line. You can use this method to install BizTalk Server 2000 silently (without constant interaction or prompts). A silent installation of BizTalk Server 2000 is ideal for test scenarios or as part of a large-scale enterprise deployment; other method is Step-by-Step method which is default.

17) It is recommended to take note of the following while installing BizTalk Server.

a.      BizTalk Server group names.

b.      SQL Server names.

c.      User Names.

d.      Passwords.

e.      The BizTalk Messaging Management database name.

f.       The Tracking database name.

g.      The Shared Queue database name.

h.      The WebDAV repository URL.

18) It is recommend to keep Microsoft XML parser Version 3.0 which is automatically installs with BizTalk 2000 Server, other parsers might cause unexpected results.

19) Complete installation of BizTalk Server takes 52MB space excluding databases and tools installation takes 30MB, for custom installation it could spam from 2 to 50 MB of space depending on Services and tools selected.

20)  BizTalk tools consists of

a.      BizTalk Orchestration Designer.

b.      BizTalk Document Tracking.

c.      BizTalk Editor.

d.      BizTalk Mapper.

e.      BizTalk Server 2000 Help.

When you insert BizTalk Server 2000 it will be step-by-step approach and it will prompt to enter or select all of the above options.

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