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BizTalk Orchestration Designer
Visually define and build robust, distributed business processes. 
Long-Running Transactions
Ensure transactional integrity on asynchronous transactions that span minutes, days, or even weeks. 
Concurrency and Synchronization
Initiate several independent business processes simultaneously and synchronize them at defined meeting points. 
Advanced Process Correlation
Manage multiple independent simultaneous instances of business processes. 
Business Process State Management
Track and log the state of all running business processes to protect against failure. 
Document Tracking and Analysis Tools
Track and analyze business and technical metrics on the data moving through the system. 

Business Process Performance Monitoring
Monitor and manage all aspects of a running business process. 
Business Process Event Consolidation
Analyze and manage multiple events of the same type in groups.
Business Process Event Alerting
Set alerts or actions on any event fired by the hardware or software of a running business process or integration project.  
Business Process Data OLAP Analysis
Perform online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis on real-time and archived business process data and metadata (this feature requires Microsoft SQL Server™).   

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