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I love my M200.  It’s very much the closest thing to the “holy grail” of laptops that I’ve ever used.  For me, the future of the “convertible” Tablet PC is obvious.  In a couple years, I want every laptop to be a Tablet.  But really… it’s still a laptop… albeit a better one.

But what about the slate design?  That’s the real new kid on the block.  A laptop without a keyboard.  Or is it?  Who says a slate laptop can’t have one of these built in?  And how about a simple stand to prop it up on that is built-in to the back of the device?

I imagine sitting down at a table or desk and pulling out my super-thin slate tablet, pushing a little release on the bottom or back for the stand (which holds it up like a table-top picture frame), and having it project a virtual keyboard right in front of me.  Ideally the stand would be sturdy enough, perhaps with a rubberized bottom where it meets the desk, so that I can use the pen without knocking it over.  When the stand is not in use, it should fold up and into a little groove so that it is perfectly flush with the rest of the device’s “back” side.

I also want a ViewAnywhere style screen, an array microphone set up like my M200, and a long-lasting battery – at least 6 hours. 

It doesn’t need to have a super-fast processor.  A 1.2-1.5Ghz Pentium-M ULV chip would work nicely.  512MB of memory and a 12.1” 1400x1050 screen like my M200, Bluetooth and WIFI, and I’d be set.  Oh and of course it needs a fingerprint reader like the Motion tablets and those nifty accelerometers that are in my M200 so it knows how I’m holding it and rotates the screen accordingly.

I really think the stand+virtual keyboard thing could make the Slate form factor work.  No one wants a laptop without a keyboard… unless it has a keyboard.  This way you get the functionality without the bulk.  And obviously the technology is there.  So who is going to do it first?

That’s the frustrating thing about technology.  I can see all the pieces have been made… but I have to actually wait for someone else to figure out how to put them together.  Of course it doesn’t help that I’m terribly impatient.


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