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Wanted: Killer apps for MCE
I don’t know if this is possible, but here’s what I want: A) A way to schedule TV recordings remotely from another PC. This might be possible just using RDP, I don’t know, I haven’t tried (yet). B) A way to change my TV recording schedule from a Smartphone, using HTTP or some other remote access method. I’d imagine this would work by having some lightweight server application on the Media Center PC, and a small client app to which you provide the Media Center’s ......

Posted On Tuesday, October 26, 2004 12:58 PM

Making cool products
Everyone has spent so much time trying to cater to new users that they seem to have forgotten that eventually some of those users stop being new. I think the whole blogging scene is starting to change that, especially where Microsoft is concerned. Many of us are seeing that Microsoft’s developers are a lot more like us than we ever knew before. They too like to embrace new technologies (like RSS) and new ideas (like podcasting), and continuing where my last post left off - I bet more of them ......

Posted On Wednesday, October 20, 2004 2:37 PM

How to make MSN cool
I’ll start this off by saying how much I like my current setup of Outlook + MSN Premium + Newsgator. Together these products have changed how I go about my day. I happen to think it’s pretty cool. Today I got thinking, though, about how much cooler it could be. Picture this: Microsoft/MSN buys Newsgator. Microsoft integrates Newsgator’s online services with MSN. That is, the now free Newsgator Online Services become part of the free MSN/Hotmail package, and the premium services ......

Posted On Wednesday, October 20, 2004 2:28 PM

Jeffrey Snover on Monad (msh)
Wow. Jeffrey Snover’s presentation of msh has left me very, very impressed. For those that don’t know what msh is, it is Microsoft’s .NET based command line interface – also called project Monad. It’s being designed with the .NET Framework 2.0 and from what I’ve gathered will be an important Longhorn technology. However, it is not Longhorn-exclusive. You can download the preview version of Monad along with a .NET 2.0 beta from right now ......

Posted On Sunday, October 17, 2004 7:17 PM

Time Warner and HDTV
This guy seems to be having problems with HD service on Time Warner digital cable. But from reading his post, and having my own experiences with Time Warner and HD, I think his problems fall under the category of “user error.” When I wanted an HD box from Time Warner, I took my digital cable box to their local walk-in service/store location and asked for the HD box. They said, “do you have an HDTV?” Of course I said “yes.” They then took my old box and gave me ......

Posted On Monday, October 11, 2004 3:39 PM

The Online Music, erm, Revolution?
I wrote up some thoughts about the current state of the Online Music industry, and the problems I think it faces. You can read the whole thing here: http://www.geekswithblogs.n... It’s more of a brainstorm than anything else. But feel free to post your thoughts ......

Posted On Sunday, October 10, 2004 8:52 PM

Online Music Services
Yesterday I bought my first album from the MSN Music preview, and also another from Napster. In this post I'll go over my concerns with each of the current major music stores (that I've tried). Those being iTMS, MSN Music, and Napster. In my next post, I'll talk about the online music ecosystem as a whole. iTunes Audio Quality: My biggest gripe with the iTunes Music Store is something that they’ll never consider changing: the format. The audio quality I found from files distributed over iTMS ......

Posted On Sunday, October 10, 2004 7:43 PM

Installing WMP10 on Windows Server 2003.
3/31/05 - This information is now out of date. To install Windows Media Player 10 on Windows Server 2003, please install Service Pack 1. It includes WMP 10 in a fully supported configuration, as well as countless other enhancements. You can get it here: The original text of this post is maintained below: As an addendum to my previous post, I've decided to supply a link to the instructions for how to install Windows ......

Posted On Wednesday, October 6, 2004 9:48 PM

The forum phenomenon.
Right. I've known for a long time of the forum phenomenon... the law of physics or fact of nature that dictates that every online forum will eventually develop either abusive moderators or abusive wannabe-moderators, or both. But my experience on a site that I used to repect, Winbeta, was appauling. Late this afternoon I decided to find out more about Windows XP MCE 2005's TV card and remote compatability. One of the places I decided to look was Winbeta. I ventured into the forum clearly labeled ......

Posted On Tuesday, October 5, 2004 8:45 PM

Quality retail services. (updated)
I feel inclined to share a very positive experience I had this evening. I've decided the backstory isn't all that interesting if you weren't there. So for the jist of it, skip this next section. A few months back I decided that the factory stereo equipment in my car was not adequate for my needs. Okay, I actually decided that they day I bought it - my previous car, while an older model of the same car, had the Bose Premium Sound option which was rather decent. The sound system in this car was not. ......

Posted On Tuesday, October 5, 2004 8:08 PM

Time flies.
I knew it had been a while since I blogged. I just didn't realize how LONG of a while. Well don't fear, I still have plenty to say :) On a personal note, and to explain a bit of where I've been lately, I moved to a new apartment back in July. I'm now living just outside Albany with some friends things have generally been good. I've also begun work to further my education which, while adversely affects my time for “real” work, has innumerable benefits of its own and has helped to give ......

Posted On Tuesday, October 5, 2004 5:11 PM

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