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I just set up the .Text plug-in for NewsGator on my M200 Tablet.  Let’s hope it's working as nicely as it seems to be J

There’s been some discussion lately about how to manage synchronization between multiple PCs (most specifically, a desktop and a laptop).  I tackled this problem earlier this week when I got this fancy new tablet.  For now, here’s my solution…

My Documents:

 The My Documents folder on my Tablet is redirected (using a special domain group policy object – our normal policy doesn’t get applied to administrators… ie me) to a network share of the My Documents folder on my desktop… The entire folder is synced using Offline Folders.


This was the real challenge.  Initially, I couldn’t even get Offline Folders to work with .PST files… until I found this.  I then set up a share on my office desktop for the folder that contains my Outlook profiles.  I then removed the default profile from Outlook on the laptop, and pointed it at the shared file from the desktop.  I set the laptop to only use the “outlook.pst” file – not my MSN or Archive .PSTs.  I then set up NewsGator on the Tablet.

So now… I get news posts on the tablet courtesy of NewsGator.  If I’m online, those posts immediately will show up on the desktop.  If I’m offline, they’ll get synced to it the next time I’m in the office. 

Every few days the desktop auto-archives my News folder and puts older posts into the Archive .PST file.  This means I always have new posts available on either computer, but at the same time don’t have to wait forever when the laptop is syncing. 

My contacts and calendar are always synced.  Each computer has its own profile for my MSN account, which is really no big deal since Sent items go into the “outlook.pst” file anyway, and the rest of the data is downloaded from the MSN server.

This seems to be working for me pretty well.  The only (minor) limitations are that I can’t run Outlook on both PCs at once while the Tablet is in Online mode, and that I can’t make changes to both the online copy (on the desktop) and the offline copy (on the tablet) and have those changes merged Activesync-style.  Instead, one PST file would have to overwrite the other, losing half of the changes.  My plan is to avoid this situation entirely.

I also haven’t figured out if there’s a good way to then sync the same information with my desktop at home.  But that’s really not high on my list of priorities right now.  One change to my current setup that I’m considering is to move the Archive file to the tablet – but I’ll have to give that more thought. 

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