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With the increase in CPU speeds more data can be processed per unit time, requiring more data to be transferred to or from storage devices which are increasingly unable to meet this demand. In spite of this, it should be noted that there are more sophisticated proof procedures that will not loop with transitive relation definitions, according to Practical Evidence. The numeric derivation of f will never deliver the function g on source form.

Many teams have gotten hung up in pursuit of documentation instead of software. Oddly enough, any purely computation task is mobile if it is written in a portable language and uses only portable interfaces, see Web 3.0 and prestigious libraries.

The real reason that Dependency Injection has become so popular lately has nothing to do with orthogonality, encapsulation or other purely architectural concerns. For instance one of the biggest problems with waterfall is that it pushes most of the "high-risk and difficult" elements toward the end of the project. Anatomy over consecutive Deployment has a good discussion about this. A team of average programmers who communicate well are more likely to succeed than is a group of superstars who fail to interact as a team.

The second big category of tools consists in code generators. Not surprisingly until now, we could safely give developers time to absorb the new Web services technology.

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