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Installing Silverlight 2 RC0 may not be as straightforward as one would hope, especially if you have been installing the various betas that have been coming out along hte way.

From Scott Gu -

Important: We are releasing only the Silverlight Developer Runtime edition (as well as the VS and Blend tools to support it) today, and are not releasing the regular end-user edition of Silverlight.  This is because we want to give existing developers a short amount of time to update their applications to work with the final Silverlight 2 APIs before sites are allowed to go live with it.  There are some breaking changes between Beta2 and this RC, and we want to make sure that existing sites can update to the final release quickly once the final release is out.  As such, you can only use the RC for development right now - you can't go live with the new APIs until the final release is shipped (which will be soon though).

You can now download today's Silverlight Release Candidate and accompanying VS and Blend support for it.  Note that Expression Blend support for Silverlight 2 is now provided using Blend 2.0 SP1.  You will need to install Blend 2.0 before applying the SP1 service pack that adds Silverlight 2 support.  If you don't already have Blend 2.0 installed you can download a free trial of it.

Do things in this order and you could save yourself a lot of time:

  • Install Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack Preparation Tool Removes beta's and other updates not compatible with RC0 Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Make sure Visual Studio is up to date before we add any other tools to it
  • Uninstall Expression Blend 2.5 Preview if you still have it
  • Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight Tools Beta 2 for Visual Studio if you still have it
  • Re-Install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1...just to be sure .NET framework is up to date (the prep tool somtimes removes 3.5 SP 1)
  • Install Microsoft Expression Blend 2 (required for Silverlight Tools)
  • Install Microsoft Expression Blend 2 Service Pack 1 Preview (required for Silverlight Tools)
  • Install Microsoft® Silverlight™ Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (RC0) Installs Visual Studio tools and Silverlight RC0 runtime
  • Install Deep Zoom Composer
  • Download Silverlight Toolkit
  • Off to the races!
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# re: Installing Silverlight 2 RC0
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everytime I try to download silverlight to watch movies on netflix I keep getting a DNS error and says that opps! this server appears to be broken any suggestions?
Left by Kacie Owens on Mar 23, 2009 11:15 AM

# re: Installing Silverlight 2 RC0
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Thanks for your message. What URL are you downloading Silverlight from?

Try this one:

If you are not prompted to download and install, click on the Install Silverlight > Windows Runtime (for windows) or Mac Runtime (for Mac)

Hope this helps!
Left by Bryan Kail on Mar 26, 2009 6:45 PM

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