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Workaround for No Locations Available with Azure DevTest Labs

In this post I’ll walk through a workaround to the “There are no locations available. You may not…” error when trying to provision a new instance of Azure DevTest Labs in the current preview (as of 2015/10/12). Problem A few weeks ago during AzureCon 2015 there was an announcement that the new DevTest Labs offering was available in preview. For those of you unfamiliar Dev Test Labs allows an administrator to set quotas for money used per month, size of VMs available, automatic shut down times for ......

Getting Started with ProcMon for Troubleshooting Long Running Processes

In this post I will cover a few tips for getting started with using ProcMon (Process Monitor in the Sysinternals Suite) for troubleshooting long running processes. Note that I am not an expert in ProcMon by a long shot, so this is more of a selfish post to remind myself of some key settings to be sure to configure. Side note. You can run the Sysinternals tools from the web at Sysinternals Live without needing to download the tools to your local machine. This is useful if your customer / organization ......

SharePoint 2007 Content Deployment Job Error “Specified argument was out of the range of valid values”

This week I ran into an interesting error with a customer. The customer has defined a SharePoint 2007 content deployment path to push content from one SharePoint 2007 farm to another SharePoint 2007 farm. They can complete 1 full deploy and 1 incremental deploy, but then all incremental deploys error with the following message: “Specified argument was out of the range of valid values”. Cause In order to get more insight into the error I used ULSViewer to inspect the ULS logs on the server (ULSViewer ......

Fixing “Failed to create field: Field type <field name> is not installed properly” Error on SharePoint 2010 List

Upgrading a SharePoint farm can reveal hidden issues that may not be causing any visible consequences in your current environment. This was especially the case in a recent customer visit to assist with an upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. During the upgrade we encountered the error “Failed to create field: Field type <field name> is not installed properly” while attempting to upgrade hundreds of SharePoint lists and document libraries. The issue my customer faced related to a ......