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Be Careful Installing .Net 4.6 / Visual Studio 2015 with SharePoint 2013 (July 2015)

<Update 2015/7/28 2:30pm> I received clarification that the SharePoint product group does support installing .Net 4.6 onto an existing SharePoint 2013 farm server. It is the installer for SharePoint 2013 that will fail to detect .Net 4.5 if .Net 4.6 is already installed and thus throw an error. A future update should correct this scenario with the installer. On a related note I was able to successfully uninstall .Net 4.6 from a server (remove the KB as mentioned at bottom of this post) and ......

Guest Post: Instantiate SharePoint Workflow On Item Deleted

In this post, guest author Lucas Eduardo Silva will walk you through the steps of instantiating a workflow using an item event receiver from a custom list. The ItemDeleting event will require approval via the workflow. Foreword As you may have read recently, I injured my right hand and have had it in a cast for the past 3 weeks. Due to this I planned to reduce my blogging while my hand heals. As luck would have it, I was actually approached by someone who asked if they could be a guest author on ......

Adding Intellisense for SharePoint 2010 Custom Workflow .Actions File

This post will show you how to add inteliisense support for custom workflow .actions files in SharePoint 2010. During the course of some research for my writing I found out that the SharePoint 2010 SDK doesn’t include intellisense for the .actions files (at least as of the August 2010 release). As the schema can be a bit difficult to remember off I searched the interwebs to see if anyone had implemented this already. As luck would have it I was able to find this blog post that included an XSD file, ......