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How I Use Azure IaaS for Lab VMs

Many years ago I posted How I Blog walking through my blogging process. Over the past few months many of my coworkers and customers have been talking or asking about how to use Azure IaaS for dev / test environments (especially for SharePoint). In this post I’ll walk through the configurations I use, tools that have helped me, and other tips. Note: This is not meant to be a post on best practices for rolling out your Azure IaaS infrastructure to support SharePoint. This is just my current setup as ......

Accessing Host Machine Files From Hyper-V Guest Virtual Machine

Similar to a previous post I wrote on How To Configure Remote Desktop to Hyper-V Guest Virtual Machine I commonly get questions for “how do I access Hyper-V host machine files from inside a guest virtual machine?” The solution I use is a combination of software and configuration but there are many other options as well. Problem When connecting to a Hyper-V guest virtual machine you cannot easily transfer files into or out of the virtual machine. Solution For almost all of my remote desktop needs ......

4 Reasons Why You Should Use SYSPREP

If you build virtual machines running Windows operating systems and aren’t using SYSPREP you are costing yourself untold amounts of time. This post will explain be a brief explanation as to why. Background Over the past few weeks I’ve been rebuilding about a dozen of my virtual machines (VMs) due to getting a new work laptop and finally having the hardware to run 3+ of them at once. The last time I went through a rebuild of VMs like this I started to dig into using SYSPREP so reduce the amount of ......

How To Configure Remote Desktop To Hyper-V Guest Virtual Machines

<Update 6/7/2010 with feedback from Kelly Jones on network adapters /> Configuring Remote Desktop (RDP) from a host Hyper-V machine to a guest virtual machine can be tricky, so this post is dedicated to the issues and resolution steps I went through to allow RDP. Cutting to the point, below are the things to look for followed by some explanation about my scenario if you care to read. This is not an exhaustive list of what is required, just the items that were causing problems for my particular ......