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Stir Trek: Thor Edition Registration Opens March 17th

Registration for Stir Trek: Thor Edition opens at 12:00am “Thors"day March 17th. Stir Trek is now in its third year and this is the second year I’ve helped with planning. For those unfamiliar the Stir Trek conference here is the description from the website. Stir Trek is an opportunity to learn about the newest advances and latest trends in Web and Mobile development. There will be 30 Sessions in six tracks, so you can pick the content that interests you the most. And the best part? At the end of ......

Create Shortcut To Easily Edit HOSTS File On Windows 7 Or Server 2008

In this blog post I’ll show you a quick an easy way to create a shortcut to the HOSTS file on Windows 7/Server 2008+. By itself that wouldn’t be a huge deal, but I’ll throw in a nice bonus so that you’ll add the “Run as Administrator” property so you can save the edits you make. If you are like me and frequently need to edit the HOSTS file on a computer running with UAC enabled (Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008+) you may have run into the following error when trying to save changes: “C:\Windows\System32\driver... ......

Central Ohio Day of .Net 2010 Slides and Files

This weekend I presented my “The Power of PowerShell + SharePoint 2007” session at the Central Ohio Day of .Net conference in Wilmington, OH. This is the second year I’ve attended this conference, first time as a presenter. For those unfamiliar Day of .Net conferences are a one-day conference on all things .NET organized by developers for developers. These events are usually offered at no cost to anyone interested in .NET development. The attendees of my session had some great questions and I hope ......

Slides and Files from Day of .Net Ann Arbor ‘10

This past Saturday I presented “Real World Deployment of SharePoint 2007 Solutions” at the Ann Arbor Day of .Net conference in Ann Arbor, MI. Below are my slides and PowerShell demo scripts I used during the presentation. Thanks to everyone who attended my session, as well as the sponsors, speakers, organizers and all attendees who made this event happen. Slides and demo scripts ......

Be Careful When Referencing SPList.Items

Be very careful how you reference your SPListItem objects through the SharePoint API. I’ll say it again. Be very careful how you reference your SPListItem objects through the SharePoint API. Ok, now that you get the point that this will be a “learn from my mistakes and don’t do unsmart things like I did” post, let’s dig into what it was that I did poorly. Scenario For the past year I’ve been building custom .Net applications that are hosted through SharePoint. These application involve a number of ......

SPSiteDataQuery Returns Only One List Type At A Time

The SPSiteDataQuery class in SharePoint 2007 is very powerful, but it has a few limitations. One of these limitations that I ran into this morning (and caused hours of frustration) is that you can only return results from one list type at a time. For example, if you are trying to query items from an out of the box custom list (list type = 100) and document library (list type = 101) you will only get items from the custom list (SPSiteDataQuery defaults to list type = 100.) In my situation I was attempting ......

Announcing Stir Trek: Iron Man Edition

Today marks the official launch day of Stir Trek: Iron Man Edition. This year’s conference will take place on Friday May 7th, 2010. In case you are unfamiliar, Stir Trek is a regional conference hosted in Columbus, OH that focuses on covering topics from Microsoft’s annual Mix conference along with other web, mobile, and development related topics. In addition to great session content from the conference, the day ends with a private screening of the new Iron Man 2 film. This is the second year for ......

Converting An Enter Key Press Into A Tab Key Press For Web Forms

How many times have you been filling out an online form and halfway through filling in your responses you accidentally press the Enter key which then attempts to submit the form? This can be a common problem when the online form is wired up to have a "submit” button be the default form button on a page. The most complete solution to this issue is having your submit process be able to handle all scenarios of submission (incomplete, invalid, etc). If you are looking for a quick (partial) fix though, ......

Fixing the SharePoint DateTimeControl MinDate Property (or How I Learned to Make the DateTimeControl Read-Only and Love SharePoint Controls)

Excusing the long post title referencing Dr. Strangelove, I’d like to point out a small bug with the SharePoint DateTimeControl. If you have ever implemented this control, you may find that you can set the MinDate property which is supposed to limit the range of dates allowed. However, doing so only limits the calendar popup associated with this control, but the user can still enter a date below the MinDate into the textbox (see comments in reference.) I did a little searching on the interwebs and ......

"Requested registry access is not allowed" error on .Net / SharePoint application

The error message “Requested registry access is not allowed” coming from a .Net / SharePoint application can be slightly misleading as I will explain in this post. Today I ran into this error message while trying to log into a Forms Based Authentication (FBA) SharePoint site at my client. The hosting web front end (WFE) server was recently rebuilt from scratch (re: fresh OS) so first thoughts pointed towards a permissions error relating to IIS and the registry. Sadly that started to take me down ......

“Server Application Unavailable” Error on SharePoint (or .Net) Web Application

KISS = “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” Remember that acronym as you continue reading. Today I received StackOverflowException errors when deploying custom solutions to a new SharePoint environment at my client. Previously I was under the impression that all of our environments were configured as identical to each other as possible, but as I will explain later that was not the case. Technically speaking this error could happen to any .Net web application, not just a SharePoint one. Little back story, we ......